Each year we create works in hopes to embrace the public more directly. Our intention considers site specific locations, collaboration, and community involvement. Paul and Jen were married 15 years ago and continue to dive into the sea of facts and fictions, try not to drown, and go home with sand in their underwear.

Paul Lewis

Jen Khoshbin

{2008 Project}.
Lost Book Project
 downtown lost & found
Our 2008 project collaborated on 30 carved books that were then "lost" around Houston Street, San ntonio, for the public to find, view, take, or avoid.
.One of our abandoned books incognito.

.Just inside the books.
Place ear to book, turn crank, and listen.
Want to see more, go to: http://www.jenkhoshbin.com/manipulation.



murat11 said...

Welcome to Blogovia, Jen and Paul. Wish I had been out on the streets when you unleashed your horde de libros!

Apropos of surfing the UIW link, Paul: did you know Guy Davenport at Lexington?

(You'll know Murat11 better as Pat Booker.)

Roberta said...
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Roberta said...

Jen, Paul & June Artists

Thank you...

Please press 4 then press 5 then press 2 then press 1 then press 3 for Daddy. 12345 is good too.

Rocinante Press said...

Came across your project and I just want to say I love it so much I wish I had thought of it. Good luck!

AL-Amin's Blog said...

Good one!!!